Social Event


Welcome to Dunkerque an industrial harbour of the « Côte d’Opale »:

The « Côte d’Opale » is formed by more than 120 km of beaches, dunes and cliffs between Belgian border and Baie de Somme. The «Côte d’Opale» is a landscape full of contrasts, mixing the bright green of its meadows with the blue-grey of the waves: a region which lives from the sea and plays with the wind.

At Dunkerque, you will be able enjoy the charming seaside resort of « Malo-Les-bains » (within walking distance of the conference) for a moment of relaxation or water borne leisure activities.


You will discover the famous beach where the next film “Dunkirk” of Christopher Nolan was shooted last year. Unfortunately, “Dunkirk” will be released in France on 21 July, just after the « THz days », but you will keep in mind some of the filming locations.



Sporty types also have lots on offer, in including kitesurfing, speed sailing, and sand yachting. The conference is also very close to the city centre and marina for you to enjoy.

Important: Book your Wednesday afternoon to enjoy one of the two options of the social program:

Option 1:

You will board for a cruise in the “Texel” boat to enjoy the France’s third industrial harbour and its huge infrastructure including shipbuilding yards, boats larger than 200m and steel industry. This is followed by a visit to the “Frac Museum” a multidisciplinary modern art and culture exhibition. A veritable laboratory of contemporary art, the “Frac Museum” is alive with art and artists the public is invited to become familiar with and to come out and meet.

Option 2:

If you prefer you can have a more energetic afternoon in a sailing boat (subject to weather conditions and obviously depending on your swimming skills). Let us mention that this sea trip is not a relaxing cruise, and you will have to undertake sailing manoeuvres like tacking under the control of the skipper. For security reasons, the number of participants is strictly limited, and if there are too many people a random draw will be used to determine the lucky ones. A second session may be organised on Thursday afternoon (June 15) depending on demand. To facilitate the organisation only participants registered before 1st June will be considered.

After that, the day will conclude with a gala dinner.

Please, send us (at with your registration form, your choice about the social program (Option 1 or 2).